Cert Renewal Information

From Skip Gelati:

Good Afternoon,

At this morning’s Advisory Board meeting Ralf Coler, Director, Office of Emergency Medicals Services stated that at the present time it takes approximately eight (8) weeks to update a person who has taken a refresher course. There has been a significant rise in applications from March that has delayed the timely process (generally 3 to 4 weeks) of input to the system.

There are currently two staff members who perform this task.

The state still provides the 90 day grace period, however it would behoove you to check with your legal representatives regarding the status as to your health insurance reimbursement policy.

Confirmation that a EMS person has taken and completed a refresher program can be established by the student providing a pass/fail statement from the instructor of said course

The state (OEMS) envisions that this long time to update will be reduced due to some new incentives that that office has already put in place along with future projects that are in the works.

With any questions or concerns please call me at 203-753-5055 x220

Kindest Regards

Skip Gelati


President Region V

EMS Council