West St. Bridge Out

Attention Drivers. The West Street Bridge, which is located near the Winchester Lake Boat Launch will be closed for repairs until December, at least. There are a dozen or so houses on Winchester Road, which are in Winsted’s PSA. We will be covering those for the duration, should there be a call to one of them. Also, if we have … Read More

Free Tickets

The Norfolk Festival would like to welcome the volunteers and families of the Norfolk Ambulance to attend our concert on Friday, August 12th as part of our annual volunteers night. This concert features the Claremont Trio playing works by Frank, Dvořák, and Shubert. Complimentary tickets may be reserved by calling 860.542.3000.

Call Volume

Per Bill Brodnitzki: Last year, from from 01/01/15 through 07/31/15, we did 119 charts. For the same period this year, the count is 120.

2016 Protocols: NEW

The Department of Public Health Office of Emergency Medical Services has completed work on a new set of protocols. These will be in effect statewide, for EMS providers at all levels, on 31 DEC 2016. Please note that these protocols will replace the current protocols from individual sponsor hospitals. THE CURRENT PROTOCOLS WILL REMAIN IN EFFECT UNTIL 31 DEC 2016 … Read More